Master Lu and Deputy Abbot (Religious Affairs) of Chung Tai Chan Monastery

International delegation team led by Master Jun Hong Lu- Justice of Peace, World Ambassador of Peace and the President of the Australian Chinese Buddhist Association began the visit to Taiwan Chung Tai Chan Monastery founded by Venerable Master Wei Chueh (one of  the Four sacred Monasteries in Taiwan) on the 4th October 2016.

The delegation team members including several Heads of Monastery from US, Malaysia and P.R of China. This also included public representative figures of Buddhism, Mr Yasar Yakis (former Foreign Minister of Turkey, former ambassador to the UN Office in Vienna, Egypt, and Saudi Arabia) and Mrs Yakis (a renowned artist in Turkey). The delegation team also included well-known Malaysian lawyer Ng Aik Beng, Chairman Trustee of UK Buddhism Charity Foundation,President of Malaysian Guan Yin PH Association as well as Entrepreneurs and Philanthropists from Australia, Indonesia, Hong Kong and Malaysia. Deputy Abbot (Religious Affairs) of Chung Tai Chan Monastery has hosted the meeting followed by a tour of the Monastery with the members.

Despite the long haul travel and intensive scheduled meetings, Master Lu held a 10,000 people scale International Buddhist Dharma Convention at Taipei Arena followed by three consecutive sessions of the World Buddhist Fellowship Meeting at Taipei World Trade Centre since his arrival on 30th September 2016. The convention has received an enormous amount of feedback, response and media coverage.

The visit of Chung Tai Chan Monastery, one of the four most well-known Buddhist Monasteries in Taiwan, is a monumental moment of promoting Buddhism onto a more international stage and fostering exchange and cooperation among the Buddhist community. Master Jun Hong Lu is the President of 2OR Australia Oriental Radio and TV Charity Organisation, and honorary visiting professor of the Siena University, Italy. He has been awarded the honorary title of Dato’ in Malaysia. Over the decades, Master Lu has devoted himself to promote World Peace and Culture Exchange through teaching Buddhist concept of peace. To acknowledge his significant contribution, United Nations has invited him to attend the Peace Summit.