Master Lu (one of keynote speakers)

At the UN headquarters (New York) on 14th September 2016, Master Lu participated in a conference entitled “Inauguration of the Parliamentary Multi-Track Initiative Council for the SDG’s and the Culture of Peace”. This was organized by the Inter-Parliamentary Coalition for Global Ethics (IPCGE) and chaired by Mr. Emil Constantinescu [former President of Romania].

Keynote Speakers included:

Master Jun Hong Lu, (Chairman and Director of Australia Oriental Media Buddhist Charity Association Registered with the UN Global Compact).

Ambassador Ion Jinga, (Permanent Representative of Romania to the UN).

Ambassador Katelin Bogyay, (Permanent Representative of Hungary to the UN).

Ambassador Dr. Maleeha Lodhi, (Permanent Representative of Pakistan to the UN).

Ambassador Mahmoud Saikal, (Permanent Representative of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan to the UN).

Ambassador Syed Akbaruddin, (Permanent Representative of India to the UN).

Mr. Garry Jacobs, (CEO of the World Academy of Art & Science).

Mr. Gianni Picco, (former Under Secretary General to the UN).